Dice Cup

29 Sep


Sitting in the park in Santo Domingo in front of the oldest Cathedral in the New World. Out of a hundred Dominicans around me not one reads a book or newspaper. You’d think they’d all be on their cell phones, but hardly anyone has a phone pressed to their ear. It’s refreshing. Most seem content to watch the flow of people.

While I’m thinking this, an attractive woman in a short skirt walks towards my bench. She’s showing fine legs. She slows down as she passes and then sits next to me. She’s not young – maybe in her 40s. I looked down and notice the heels of her shoes are splashed with mud. I knew something was about to begin and in a minute or so she started talking to me in Spanish. I made a point of showing her my wedding ring and telling her I had a novia. This didn’t slow her down much and she gave me her cell phone number and then asked me to take her to Juan Dolio, a resort town about 30 miles away. The look on her face when she said Juan Dolio was sad; she knew I wasn’t going to take her there.

She then asked me to buy her an ice cream.

I think the old Mark Rogers would have brought her back to his hotel; this year’s model gave her two dollars for ice cream and walked away.



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