FREE TODAY: Are You Cute? A Visit with Allen Ginsberg

26 Apr



Today (Sat. April 26, 2014) is the final FREE day for Are You Cute? A Visit with Allen Ginsberg, an e-book by John Langsdorf.

“Yeah! You remember me then?”

“Yes, I do remember you,” said Allen. “And I didn’t help you get anything published: you helped yourself.”

“Right. I just meant –“

“Don’t apologize for apologizing. Saps the moral fiber. Now, why haven’t you come around sooner, like I told you?”

In one of his letters Allen told me to drop in and “introduce your sweet twenty-one year old self.”

I changed the subject. “You really have a great voice.”

“Must not all poets?”

Sure, Al, I thought; but the comics don’t carry that ad anymore describing how for a few dollars a fellow could develop his very own Voice of Rock. “A poet’s voice should be,” I bullshitted, “one of his most potent charms – as in magical charms.”

“That’s right,” said Allen. “The Word-Sword. But where have you been?”

“I wanted to come visit you, uh – I’d like to visit today.”

“Where are you?”

“Near your place. I just came over from Jersey.”

“Then come on over. Now.”

“Great. You know, I was at that church you run, St. Mark’s Church –“

“I don’t run it!” he laughed. Guitar JPG 21&keywords=Are+You+Cute%3F+John+Langsdorf


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