Sophy & the Jehovah Witnesses

9 Apr


When Sophy was down on her luck in Sonora, with a bunch of young kids and a sad sack husband, she received weekly visits from a trio of Jehovah Witnesses. Sophy was raised a Catholic. At first she welcomed these visits; they broke up the day and introduced topics of a spiritual nature. Sophy and the Witnesses came to an impasse over the existence of the soul. Sophy was convinced the soul continued after the body dies. The Jehovah Witnesses held an opposing view – they believe in the rapture where on some fateful day in the future their bodies will ascend to Heaven while the rest of us suffer a Hell on earth.

During one visit they were sitting on the couch in Sophy’s living room. One of the JWs pointed to the light bulb screwed into the ceiling. “See that light bulb? The light is the soul and the bulb is the body. If I unscrew the bulb it won’t provide light – its soul will be gone.”

The JWs left soon after making their point about the nonexistence of the soul without the body.

When the Jehovah Witnesses came back a week later to discuss the Bible further, Sophy sat them on the couch and switched on the overhead light. She got a chair from the kitchen and climbed up onto it and unscrewed the light bulb. She got back down and handed the light bulb – the body – to one of the JWs and then said, “Which one of you wants to climb up there and put your finger in the socket?”

The Jehovah’s Witnesses filed out, never to return.


from Pissing on my Pistols


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