BASEMENT – Silver Billy’s Dilemma

7 Dec


“The first day I could tell my prisoner didn’t want to be bothered,” said Shirley. “So I fed him and left him alone. He’s pretty quiet. They got him for passing bad checks over in Doyle’s Crossing. I got lucky compared to some of the prisoners they handed out.”

“I heard some stories, too,” said Louis. “They sent one prisoner back to Wellington already. He took a bowel movement and flung it at Silver Billy.”

“I don’t blame that convict one bit,” said Smitty. “I heard Billy had his basement made up to look like a prison, with gray walls and everything. He even got himself a guard’s uniform. Worst of all, he found out what they cooked in the cafeteria down the Well and fed his prisoner the same grub. Billy wouldn’t even let the guy smoke.” Smitty looked personally offended. “Billy’s a damn fool—he could have made some real money.”

Louis nodded. “Silver Billy was always strange.”


From my novel BASEMENT, available on Amazon

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