12 Sep


Joe Basin

“Lisette,  If you think you’re about to do it with a guy, make him use a condom.”

“I’ll be careful, dad.”

“Good. Sex is a messy business. Lisette, I can’t afford to support any grandchildren. And when you’re dating, don’t undervalue the guy having money. There’s nothing wrong with marrying up. Now, when are you moving out?”

“The end of the month if I find a job.”

“Can you type?”

“Of course. I’ve been typing since the sixth grade.”

“I thought so. That’ll land you a job. Stay away from the dirty jobs—food handling, laundry, baby-sitting. Aim a little higher. Maybe something in real estate.”

“I’ll take anything as long as it pays the bills.”

“Well,” Joe said. “If you can stomach one more piece of advice from your dad I’ll give it to you.”

“What’s that?”

Joe nodded his head sagely. “Don’t aim too high. That way you might have a chance of making it.”


From my novel BASEMENT, available on Amazon




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