My novel BASEMENT is available on Amazon

24 Aug

BASEMENT cover final

Most of my blog Pissing on my Pistols has concerned my attempt to become a Hollywood screenwriter in 2005-2006. The blog is going to shift to the present. I’ve just published a novel titled BASEMENT.  it’s available as an ebook on Amazon, for $3.99.

The Jones’ have a prisoner in their basement.

So do the Smiths.

Times are tough. When a working class town in the northeast gets their fill of foreclosures and seizures, they turn to an experimental program that promises to put cash in their pockets: Housing non-violent offenders in portable jail cells in citizens’ basements.

Sounds like a great idea.

Sex is rampant. Racism is off the charts. Every misstep is compounded by sociopathic Mayor Bob, who makes sure every family gets the prisoner that can do the most damage to the family bosom.

On the outskirts is Coleman, a lonely man who is fuming because his house is a summer bungalow without a basement. It’s an election year and Coleman goes up against Mayor Bob, against an imprisoned background of lust, alky blues, imminent suicide and degenerate optimism.

Let the games begin.

A reader said BASEMENT unspools like, “… a combination of Elmore Leonard and The Simpsons.”


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