21 Apr


“I don’t understand how people can have the same point of view year after year. People expect you to be consistent but I think that’s very uncreative. The creative process has to do with inconsistency. I don’t see how you can have art without ambiguity.”


Irvin Kershner



We’re days away from April, the month when Umzumbe Boys was supposed to begin shooting and when the big check would come in. Now it looks like we’ll be lucky if they shoot this summer.

An image comes to mind, of an old dude in his 80s, sitting on a porch, drooling. He’s been buying lottery tickets for 50 years. He finally hits the jackpot – his family is jumping up and down. And the old dude – he’s holding a thick bundle of bills, looking at it with goose egg eyes, thinking, “Money…what the fuck is money?”



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