25 Mar


A mind-fucking 24 hours.

Matt Robinson from J-Lo’s company, Nuyorican Films loves Mambo Sun and wants to develop the script with us. He’s asking for changes, in what amounts to an unpaid rewrite, but it’s a great opportunity.

Michael and I emailed Mentor what we think is the last draft of Drum. We’ve pulled out all the stops – it’s really strong.

Umzumbe Boys is back on track – Athenaeum won an Oscar and so did Tsotsi, a great South African film featuring a young, black, unknown actor. It can only help Umzumbe Boys.

Eriq LaSalle’s company likes our pitch for Outcasts, the Les Miserables remake.

And then I drive into my bank and stick my ATM card in the machine. Zero balance.

I call the 800 number. Zero balance.

I get a real person on the line and find out Citibank has a freeze on my account. I owe them money on a credit card. This freeze also freezes any checks I’ve written that are in the pipeline – including my rent check. I’m living in the kind of apartment building where they put an eviction notice on your door the third day of the month – a fact I know from experience. I have 40 bucks in my wallet and the imminent peril of being tossed out on the street.

I’m down on the ground, getting kicked in the ribs. I’m wincing from the blows, reaching behind the garbage can, hoping to find a stick or a lead pipe.

Hoping my hand doesn’t grab a half-rotten banana peel.



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