Charge of the Light Brigade

25 Jan


I’m reading Linda Obst’s “Hello, He Lied” a chronicle of her movie-producing career in Hollywood. One of her pieces of advice came from Peter Guber, who said, “Ride the horse in the direction its going.”

This makes so much sense. We could fight Ground Zero over some of their changes to Umzumbe Boys. It’s much smarter to ride the horse in the direction it’s going. This doesn’t mean rolling over like a punk – but to do what needs to be done to keep the movie heading towards principal photography.

Part of our satisfaction has to lie with the fact that there wouldn’t even be a horse without our script.

You also have to trust that everybody is bringing their best effort to the collaboration.

You put me in a room by myself and I could have written a version of Umzumbe Boys.  But it’s a much stronger script because of the addition of Michael and Tom, Ground Zero and Athenaeum, Mentor and Jordan Wheeler.

Further down the line, the cinematographer, editor, composer and cast will add their unique angles.

Bottom line – a film is simultaneously of you and bigger than you.

Kind of like everything in life – from your children to the streets you walk down.



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