18 Dec


I screwed up. Maybe it’s time to give some advice about writing partnerships. In a writing partnership, no matter what the reason, you can’t act impulsively or unilaterally. Especially when the partnership is getting some traction and the stakes are higher than ever before.

A week ago I landed in Los Cabos, checked into my hotel room and strapped into the ascendant roller-coaster ride of a low-wattage manic state I e-mailed Mentor and asked Jackie if she knew whether or not J-Lo and Marc Anthony were looking for a feature script. A few years ago I’d written a romantic comedy, Mambo Sun, set in Cuba and Miami. I thought it would be perfect for them. I also knew that Michael was never fully behind the script – he never trashed it – but I got the feeling he had set it pretty firmly on the second shelf.

Instead of discussing it with Michael beforehand I put Mambo Sun into the marketplace. Since Michael and I are a team, what I did was insupportable. Michael was pissed – he’s not sure he wants to be associated with a romantic comedy.

The positive side is the exec at J-Lo and Anthony’s production company liked the thumbnail sketch of the script and he wants to see it.

But like I said to Michael, “We could make a million dollars off this script and it still wouldn’t make what I did right.”

If you’re in a partnership, you’re not alone and you can’t act as though you are.

I guess the same applies to marriage…but I haven’t figured that one out yet.



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