Blood Sugar

20 Nov


Michael and I met on Sunset Blvd for a meeting with Mosaic, the company that made Batman Returns. Tilda Swanson, an exec at the company, loved Demon Wall, but they have a similar film in the pipeline, Season of the Witch. She ran some very sketchy ideas past us – women aviators in WW1, the mystery of missing settlers in colonial Roanoke (Why she wouldn’t want Demon Wall, but would be interested in Roanoke, is beyond me.) We pitched her Drum and she perked up a bit, but it didn’t feel like a home run. It was pushing 5:00 p.m. and Tilda was hiding a yawn or two by the end of the meeting.

Back in the car, Michael and I were shaking our heads.

Michael asked, ”What was that?”

I said, “They shouldn’t schedule meetings that late in the day for her – I think she needed a nap.”

The next day Jackie calls: “Tilda loved you guys – she thinks you’re so smart and funny – and she’s really excited about Drum.”

Who would have known? Now Michael and I have four weeks to hustle up a first draft of Drum.

But Jackie and Rebie don’t want to be tied down to Mosaic – they think Drum has the potential for a bidding war.



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