15 Oct


We’re pushing hard, Michael and I. Drum has been rethought once again and it could be the best version yet. Ground Zero loves working with us, and we should start the last scheduled rewrite of Umzumbe Boys before they begin pre-production in earnest. Demon Wall goes out in a couple of weeks, to 39 production companies, with first-look deals at majors, from New Line to Disney.

Michael and I had a good meeting with Fuse in their office on the old Warner’s lot. We’re working with both Rebie and another young woman, Jackie. During the meeting, sitting across from them, it felt like Michael and I are a couple of crusty Key West shrimpers accidentally sharing a table with two young girls at a suburban mall food court. I guess we connected on some level – we were all able to laugh and create a plan of action.

Although Jackie’s declaration of Top Gun being her favorite movie sent a shudder down my spine.



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