11 May


It’s rare that I have an obviously symbolic dream, but the one I had last night was easy to interpret.

In the dream, Ann and I were on the verge of separation. We lived in a huge, three- story house. The guy she was dating was coming to spend the night with her. I was pretty surprised but was forced to accept this when she told me she preferred this new guy over me. I went up to sleep on the floor of the attic. To clear a place to sleep I was picking up burning twigs, blowing them out and putting them in a plastic garbage bag that was half-stuffed with paper. The twigs were still smoldering and I was worried that the bag would burst into flames.

I woke up realizing that my marriage shouldn’t be trashed; there was something there to salvage. My marriage might be smoldering twigs, maybe just embers, but with a little attention it could take fire again.




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