Shifting Gears

8 May

Things are happening fast with Umzumbe Boys – we haven’t had a bad read yet. It looks like we have representation from Mentor Entertainment. A New York City literary agent read Umzumbe Boys and wants to help us get representation. If we can come out of this with a film in the pipeline and an agent repping us as a team – and also as individuals – there’s no end to what we can accomplish.

I’ve got to get physically and mentally fit – cut out the junk food and hard liquor – start doing push-ups, even if there is cat hair all over the floor. Take a spin through my screenwriting library, try to actually get through “Story”, even if the film titles in CAPS that McKee uses irritates the hell out of me. There’s gear I’ll need; a good laptop and a Blackberry. I want to buy a new pair of Doc Martens and some black jeans.

With Umzumbe Boys, I feel like we’re driving a Ferrari off the lot, instead of shoving off in a lime green Pinto from Deals on Wheels.




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