5 May

Devon and I had one of those nights where movies and real life blend seamlessly. We drove an hour in the dark over country highways to catch Sin City. For all its faults, it was a totally fresh take on how to get comics on the screen. I loved the graphic look combined with hyper-reality – where cartoonish characters had skin that showed every blemish and imperfection.

When we left the theater a really hard rain was falling – slanting through the illumination of the streetlights, showing silver – just like it had in the movie. We hustled into the car and began driving home and once again, the headlights behind us in the rain could have been lifted from the film. We took a wrong turn, driving down twisty country highways, surrounded by blackness.

I noticed leaves tumbling in the street and then realized that by some quirk of nature – it was a chilly night in March – toads had come prematurely out of hibernation. I was swerving from side to side to miss them – it went on for miles. Once in awhile there would be a disconcerting splat under my tires.

Devon saw a rattle trap house he’d noticed a half hour before – he recognized it because it had a dozen white crosses, like grave markers, stuck in the front yard.

We were going in circles.



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