Points West

26 Apr

“A friend who is a biologist and who spent many years in Africa studying the native fauna tells how sad it is to do an autopsy on a freshly killed lion. Most of us hold an idealized picture of the king of the jungle – strong, majestic, and free. But if one looks closely, the powerful lion turns out to be a living shelter for hundreds of different parasites, mites, ticks, and worms making themselves at home in his mane, his eyelids, his tail, his nose, and his throat, down to his gullet and intestines. The lion might look healthy and powerful, but internally he is consumed by legions of vermin. For every complex organism, survival is a constant battle against less complex life-forms that make a career out of using its energy for their own ends.”

  A Psychology for the Third Millennium

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Travel Agent is in need of a West Coast editor. This week I’m going to talk to management about my taking over the position. If I get it I’ll move out to California and make the most of the buzz we’re getting from Umzumbe Boys. Being the West Coast editor would give me a cushion as I make a final charge on Porkchop Hill; I’d have a paycheck to split with my wife and my family would have health insurance. How Ann will react to this, I don’t know. Her first response will probably be to feel overwhelmed. It would be great if some movie money trickled in before I set off, but I can’t let it hinge on that.

Launch date is the first of May – two months from now.



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