Siren Call

24 Apr

Things hit a major slow patch for several months – bad enough that I accepted never having a screenwriting career. It seemed senseless to write another spec screenplay, when Michael and I had a handful of completed scripts that were not getting into the right hands.

I was writing and traveling like crazy at my job, flying to Ecuador, Mexico, Curacao, Aruba, Toronto, the Dominican Republic, Chicago, Brazil and four times to Jamaica – all in the space of six months.

In the midst of this, Michael and I; and Tom Trenton (a third writer we brought in on the project), toiled away at Umzumbe Boys. The first draft has been getting an amazing reaction from people at CAA and DreamWorks. We already have a small production company called Echo Lake Productions nuts about the script. Our intention is to get an agent off the deal – hopefully a young black CAA agent named Billy Hawkins we can convince to take the script to auction. We’ll use Echo Lake as a fallback position.

The difference with Umzumbe Boys is people are reading it in one day and getting back to us with raves.




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