War & Peas

18 Apr

Thierry has slipped off the radar screen. Nothing about African, nothing about Kormakur. Dijoumon Hounssou passed. We heard weird mutterings about Val Kilmer and Laurence Fishburne being interested. As the days pass it’s clear that Thierry has no real battle plan.

What I think will happen is that ultimately Michael and I will buy Thierry out of his contract and get someone with some clout to produce the project. For us, Thierry is finished.

Michael recently went through knee replacement surgery that left him with a 20-inch scar. He was advised to place a bag of frozen peas on his knee to reduce the pain. He couldn’t take it – they were French peas – Petit Peas.

The peas reminded Michael of Thierry.

He hurled the bag against the wall, screaming, “Get away from me you French motherfuckers!”



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