The Wishing Game

7 Apr

Michael and I wrote a second full treatment for The Wishing Game, for Joshua Tucker and FilmJob. The first was rejected for being, “too Hammer…too horror.” We’ve returned with a psychological horror treatment that we sent off last week. With Tucker, you never know – we intend to shake hands and walk away if this doesn’t get them to pull the trigger on the script.

Michael is meeting with managers while I’m in St. Lucia. My instincts tell me nothing will come of it. As a writing team, we’re not carrying any heat.

This is one of those times when it has to work – there has to be progress – or I need to walk away and re-invent myself as a writer. Maybe I have to face the fact that at fifty-two I don’t have what it takes. Although this doesn’t frighten me, it cloaks me in failure. I don’t know what kind of person will emerge from the acceptance of never making it.

If I truly fail, I see myself in the future, nodding and smiling at everything people say – sunk deep into a pit of agreeability.



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