Dance Lessons

5 Apr

The Swedes are in for between 20 and 30 percent on our script of African in Greenland (2 to 3 million Euros).

We’ll hear from Canal Plus in 10 days. The Germans, in Thierry’s words, think “the dialogues” needs work. They also want a name actor attached before they’ll commit.

The Canadians are on board but Thierry is having second thoughts – he feels he gave them too much by making Giselle a producer on the film, since the Canadians are only involved in post-production on the project.

Thierry has also convinced Michael to apply for dual citizenship (French/U.S.) in order to meet the demands of the European partnership requirements. Since Michael’s wife, Cass, needs their only car for driving to work, Michael is reduced to riding a bicycle into town to fax his mother’s birth certificate to Thierry.

The whole thing is a complicated tango.

There is so much riding on African. Hanging in the balance is my marriage, my house, and my faith in myself. If I fail, there may be a terrible shriveling process that takes place.

When I talked to Michael he was really down, emotionally strung out from the constant rejection and the feeling he’s not doing enough to help his wife. For a week he sat outside with a pellet gun, shooting prairie dogs that were destroying his yard.

On the east coast it’s not much better. Since we have a burst pipe underground and we can’t afford the thousand dollars for a plumber, we’re reduced to washing dinner dishes in pots of water and then flinging the soapy contents into the bushes off our front porch. Every once in awhile I miss a piece of silverware in the bottom of the pot. Under the blooming forsythia are forks and knives and spoons, as though the Rogers family was prone to picnicking a few feet from the house.

It would take me one minute to retrieve the pieces of silverware. Demoralization at this level makes a person incapable of doing the simplest things.



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