Railroad Gang Chop Suey

28 Mar


“Fear is the enemy of logic.”

                    Frank Sinatra

I need some deliverance. Lack of money is reaching critical mass. In three days I go to China on a journalism assignment paying chump change. If it had happened two months ago I would see it as a great chance to experience China for free, a trip worth thousands of dollars. Now it feels like there’s ten days between me and my search for a warehouse job. Hitting financial bottom has frightened Ann enough that she went out and found a job. It’s unfortunate that it took things getting to such a dire stage to get her working. We’ve lost a lot of time.

With a little luck, on my return from China, I’ll have some well-paying writing jobs waiting for me – jobs I’ve been promised. If not, it’s back to the work force, hoping to hold onto our house until a screenplay hits.



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