Ginsu Knives

27 Mar


Looks like we need to polish African in Greenland for the investors, and for the director, Kormakur. After getting off the phone with Thierry I spent an hour working on it and cut 18 pages out of the first 60. Making it run like a racehorse, keeping what we need to make it work. I’ll run my ideas past Michael – he has a short fuse for Thierry.

We all have to get in the gladiator pit and fight the Abyssinians, the Gauls, the tigers and bulls.

Later we can fight each other.

• • •

Michael and I finished an extensive rewrite on African that increased the drama and pace of the script. Thierry has problems with our changes. He’s also screaming budget, which makes no sense to me, since what we’ve cut more than makes up for anything we’ve added. The changes we made were inspired by Koramakur’s comments. I think Thierry feels we went too far, too fast. Michael and I are confident that the latest version of the script is far superior, so much so that the previous draft now looks really unwieldy to us.

• • •

More rewrites and long conference calls and now African is good to go. Kormakur will read it again (two readings from him in ten days) and it will then go to Canal Plus and other investors. Michael and I have never worked so well and so hard together. As difficult as things are for us both right now, there’s a real feeling of pride in doing exceptional work. Let’s hope the three or four European investors mulling over African agree with our judgment. If they bite, then Michael and I have to fall hard on Thierry, getting him to break off a chunk of the development money for the writers. That won’t be easy. The financial/family disasters Michael and I face will be of no importance to Thierry, unless they impact the film going forward.



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