Things are Tough

26 Mar



Things should feel really good, but they don’t. There’s still an overarching sense of insecurity. Money is getting really tight – tight enough that I seriously consider which services we can do without. Electric, gas, the phone – maybe those will be the first to go. We need water as a hygiene issue. We could get a cell phone with unlimited range. Of course, these are ridiculous thoughts, the thoughts of a loser and failure.

Although I’m married to an intelligent woman, it seems that 100 percent of the problem is on my shoulders. I guess that’s the way it is – it’s not going to change. I’d better start punching myself out of this mess and make some real money…

Just found out there are no extensions for my unemployment. I get my final check this Thursday. This pretty much pulls the rug out from under Ann, Devon and me.

Even though it was only $400 a week, it was a steady $400 that paid some bills. I’m wondering what the hell I’m going to do. I can beat the bushes for more freelance work and if I’m lucky that will tide us over. But you can’t depend on freelance – the checks never arrive when you expect them. If I can’t make something happen, we’re in trouble.



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