Blank Page

13 Mar

Danno had the nerve to tell Michael and I that we’ve taught him so much about screenwriting, that he’s going to rewrite Radio First Termer. What he’s doing is a breach of contract. He didn’t purchase the script – he optioned it. How can he rewrite something he doesn’t own? It doesn’t make sense. In fact, a legal case could be made that he’s damaging a commodity that belongs to Michael and I – that if he brings Termer to market with his fingerprints all over it, he may be killing our chances of ever selling the script.

If Michael and I weren’t completely broke we’d take him to court and force him to pay the 60 K purchase price for the script. We definitely have a case, but we have no resources for a protracted legal battle. Michael and I have decided to put our energies into our other projects. If we hit pay dirt we’ll drag Danno into court and show him no mercy.

Danno isn’t a writer.  He’ll soon discover that when he faces the blank page, he’s facing something bigger than himself.


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