11 Mar

Michael and I are driving down Hollywood Boulevard. Things seem to be falling in place with African. We’ve decided to send the script to a young director with an open door at DreamWorks. This director, who we’ve dubbed “The Elf,” is hot for the script, saying he was born to direct this film, having spent summers in Greenland as a kid. We’re feeling good. Michael says to me, “What do you think of Cuba Gooding as Tete Michel?”

Before I can even answer we both look up and see a HUGE billboard with a grinning Cuba Gooding wearing a fur-trimmed parka, surrounded by huskies, and the title Snowdogs. Michael lets out a scream and I start cursing. It’s a cruel joke. Did someone rip us off? Rip off Tete Michel’s book? I feel everything drain out of me.

It’s a tense 45 minutes for Michael and I, until we do a little research and ascertain Snowdogs is a silly comedy light years from African in content and intent.

I’m a little relieved when Snowdogs wins its weekend: A black man on ice brings in the bucks. (2002)


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