Big Game

9 Mar

Martin Literary Agency

Adam and I were recently signed to the Martin Literary Agency. Andrew Wetzel is our agent – all three of us are psyched about the prospects for Big Game:
BIG GAME by Adam Slutsky and Mark Rogers
The world is Joe Sinclair’s oyster, to be shucked whenever and however he pleases. Beautiful women, private jets, luxury yachts, exotic cars, incredible adventures… What most people call excess, he calls average. Life is an endless party for the 20-something billionaire playboy. But Joe has become discontent. Everything is “been there, done that.” Nothing gives him a thrill anymore.
Ah, but there is still one thrill Joe has yet to experience—and he’s willing to pay whatever it takes to make his darkest desire come true. Joe wants to know what it’s like to kill a man.
Courtesy of his endless resources and back-channel connections, Joe hires an ex-soldier of fortune to take him to a place where his twisted fantasy can be explored without legal repercussions. The place: Africa. His quarry: poachers. On the Dark Continent, poachers are in the same class as vermin and, although killing them isn’t exactly legal, if the right palms are greased, officials will look the other way while the problem is, ahem, sorted out.
With his three best friends from college along for the ride—for an escapade none of them has any inkling about—Joe embarks on the ultimate safari, where his prey can (and will) shoot back.
But it isn’t long before Joe learns the hard way that taking a human life isn’t as easy as it sounds and the wannabe hunters quickly find themselves the hunted.
In the vein of Most Dangerous Game meets No Country For Old Men, Big Game is a high-octane action/adventure based on events that frequently hit the newswire.
About the authors:
Adam Slutsky
An adrenaline junkie with unique skill-sets (firearms/weaponry expert, proficient gambler/poker player, internationally licensed auto racer), Adam Slutsky was a former participatory journalist for some of the hippest publications on the planet (Maxim, Stuff, Razor, etc.) for which he chronicled some of the wildest, most dangerous adventures. He has also authored, co-written and ghosted both nonfiction and fiction manuscripts in various genres.
Mark Rogers
With travel writing assignments to 52 countries, Mark Rogers has an array of experiences under his belt—from bungee-jumping in Zambia to roaming narcotraficante neighborhoods in Culiacan; from sleeping rough in Roman ruins to stretching out in five-star luxury in Bangkok. It all goes into the mix, informing his prose and screenwriting.

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