8 Mar
“If you want a guarantee, buy a toaster.”
                       Clint Eastwood talking about the film business.
The title of my blog – Pissing on My Pistols is also the title of a memoir in progress.  It picks up where Orpheus on the 101 left off. Both projects describe my attempt to break into Hollywood as a screenwriter.
I’ll be adding all kinds of stuff in the days ahead. A novel written with Adam Slutsky is making the rounds. Three scripts are in play.
Meanwhile, here’s a bit from Orpheus on the 101:
They say to break in as a screenwriter you need a ten-year plan. That’s all and good – it makes perfect sense. Then all of a sudden you’re coming up on nine years and that ten year plan comes back to mock you. Your hair has turned gray, you have a few liver spots on your temples and you’ve stopped telling your co-workers how close you are to a big deal. You’ve become a shell-shocked soldier putting one foot in front of the other. It’s World War II and you’re liberating Naples. The wine is flowing and the Italian girls are waving like crazy. You – you’re dead inside, thinking, “Great…Naples…maybe I can find some dry socks.”

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